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Our Instructors

Meet our amazing team of professional ballroom dancers.

Dominic Mattia

Dominic Mattia

Beginner, intermediate ballroom dance teacher / wedding dance choreographer. 

From the vibrant rhythms of salsa and bachata to the enchanting world of ballroom dancing, Dominic Mattia has dedicated his life to the art of movement. With a passion that ignited at a young age, Dominic's journey has been one of perseverance, growth, and an unwavering desire to make a difference.

Born with an innate love for dance, Dominic immersed himself in the exciting beats of salsa and bachata from an early stage. As he swayed and twirled, the world of ballroom dancing beckoned to him, and in his teenage years, he gracefully transitioned into this captivating activity.

Fuelled by a deep-seated passion to not only dance but also help others, Dominic delved into the study of physical therapy. His fascination with the intricate workings of muscles and their correct usage became a cornerstone of his understanding. However, destiny had a different plan, and Dominic's focus shifted towards pursuing a career solely devoted to the art of dance.

An ardent lover of exercise and a connoisseur of fine footwear, Dominic's commitment to his craft is evident in every step he takes. With each graceful movement, he aims to inspire and uplift those around him, sharing the joy and beauty that dance brings to life.

Yet, Dominic's dreams extend beyond the dance floor. With an unwavering determination, he aspires to establish his very own dance studio, a sanctuary where individuals of all backgrounds can find solace in the power of dance. A place where dreams take flight, and the transformative energy of movement becomes a catalyst for personal growth and self-expression.

In Dominic Mattia, the ballroom dancer on a mission, one finds not only a skilled performer but also a compassionate soul. With his expertise and unwavering dedication, he seeks to leave an indelible mark on the world of dance, one captivating routine at a time. Dominic is accepting new clients, his focus are social dancing beginner and intermediate level and wedding couples. 

Don't wait, give us a call to schedule your introductory lesson with Dominic. 

Emma Shenton

Emma Shenton

Beginner, intermediate, advanced ballroom dance teacher / wedding dance choreographer.

Emma, hailing originally from England, was immersed in the world of music and dance since her earliest years. Following her graduation from Musical Theatre school, she embarked on a fulfilling career that took her across the globe, performing on prestigious cruise ships, gracing the stages of the West End, and enchanting audiences in vibrant theme parks. However, it was her discovery of a deep passion for ballroom dancing that truly captured her heart.

Throughout her journey, Emma has had the privilege of collaborating and dancing alongside esteemed world champions across various ballroom and social dance styles. This invaluable experience has honed her skills and enriched her understanding of the art form.

Now, Emma is thrilled to contribute her unique coaching style and expertise to the students at E&A Dance. With a wealth of knowledge and a fervent dedication to her craft, she eagerly looks forward to inspiring and guiding aspiring dancers on their own transformative journeys.

Don't wait - book your lesson with Emma!



Office Manager / Teacher Assistant 

Hello there! My name is Niamh and I am originally from London, England. I've always had a passion for dance and grew up immersed in the world of ballroom dancing. I've been dancing for around 16 years and will never turn down a conversation about sparkly heels or dresses. You can find me at the front desk helping book lessons and occasionally in your group classes.

I studied journalism at the University of South Florida, before moving up to Orlando to continue my ballroom dance journey.

In my free time, you can find me at a concert or exploring new cities. I've been fortunate enough to do a full lap around the globe. I am working on visiting all fifty states.

Eugene Parkhimovich

Eugene Parkhimovich

Studio owner 

Eugene Parkhimovich is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional in the field of dance. Coming from Belarus, Eugene's passion for dance ignited at the tender age of seven when he embarked on his journey by enrolling in dance lessons. It didn't take long for his talent to shine through, as he swiftly transitioned into competing in numerous dance events.

Over the course of the next decade, Eugene's commitment to his craft led him to compete extensively across Europe, showcasing his exceptional and garnering recognition the dance community. In 2006, he was granted admission to the prestigious Belarusian State University of Physical Culture where he pursued a comprehensive education in physical education and ballroom dance.

During his time at university, Eugene's talent and expertise were further honed as he was appointed as a part-time dance instructor at a local dance studio, that grew many national champions. This invaluable experience allowed him to impart his knowledge and passion to both children and adults, fostering their growth and love for dance.

Simultaneously, Eugene's dedication to his art led him to join the esteemed National Ballroom dance formation team, "Univers." Over the course of five years, Eugene and his team achieved remarkable success, securing numerous national titles and earning coveted placements in the finals of World and European Championships.

Eugene Parkhimovich's commitment to dance, coupled with his extensive experience and achievements, make him a formidable force in the industry. With a profound understanding of various dance styles and a passion for teaching, Eugene continues to inspire and empower individuals to embrace the transformative power of dance.

Eugene is accepting new students, his main focus is intermediate and high skilled dancers and couples. Don't hesitate, schedule your introductory lesson with Eugene.

Anna Lukashova

Anna Lukashova

Studio owner

Anna was born in Belarus. She started dancing at the age of 7. She received strong training in International Ballroom and Latin styles and received many national and international awards throughout her dance career. After high school she was accepted to Belarusian State University of Sports. She joined a ballroom dance formation team “Univers” where Anna became 5 time national champion and took 4th place at the world championship. Looking to share her passion for dance, she took a job teaching ballroom dance at the Belarusian State Medical University where she, alongside Eugene taught ballroom dance to adults.

In 2012 Eugene and Anna moved to United States to continue their dancing and teaching career. They successfully competed in American rhythm and smooth divisions in the United States while continuing to train with the World's best coaches.

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